On Saturday April 28, Lyon Park Community Center is having a Food Truck Festival from 4pm to 8pm. CABOMA members have agreed to play at this community event as a favor to the Lyon Park Community Center folks. If you are a member of CABOMA and want to bring your band out to play; or if you just have a group you play with, let us know if you are interested in coming out for a short set (about half hour to 45 minutes).

This is a volunteer situation and not a paying gig.

We are trying to gauge the interest level of how many bands or groups would like to come and play. If we know ahead of time, it will be easier to plan time slots etc. We are also planning to have an open mic opportunity for individuals who may want to step up and do a couple of songs.

Please contact Cindy Sampson via the contact form here and we will get back to you. We will keep you posted on this event as things develop. It looks like it will be a fun time and that there will be good food!