Bruce Cohan will be showing up at the Jam to provide an update and to seek suggestions regarding WAMU’s Bluegrass Country station.

For those who don’t Facebook, here’s the announcement he was sharing.:

“This Sunday (July 24) I’ll provide an update and welcome input from folks at the CABOMA jam regarding WAMU’s plan for Bluegrass Country. I anticipate that the update will take only 30 minutes, starting at 2pm. Perhaps we can gather off to one side so folks who want to start jamming at 2 can do so. Location: 414 N. Fillmore St Arlington VA 22201”

If you are interested in getting involved in WAMU’s future, come to the Jam at 2pm, 414 N. Fillmore Street, Arlington VA 22201, and meet Bruce Cohan. Look back on our Facebook group or here for more updates.

Here is a link to some background information for WAMU:

WAMU Will Sell or Close Its Bluegrass Station