Our new hosts are excited about our presence, and we very much want to keep up their enthusiasm.  Accordingly, we ask that members at all times be respectful of church facilities, activities, and members.  Our jams are on Sundays, when church activities are in full swing.  We may from time to time as for member volunteers to help in church music activities in order to be good tenants.  So please be respectful.  Accordingly, we ask:

  • Use only jam spaces reserved for our use.  These may change from week to week depending on church needs but generally involve the meeting and classroom spaces downstairs.  If in doubt as to which rooms are available to us, ask a board member or AUUC representative.
  • Park only in non-reserved spaces.  Some are marked as reserved for church staff or individuals with special needs on Sundays.
  • Keep locked doors locked.  The glass doors downstairs may be locked from the inside during jam hours.  If so, please don’t prop them open.  If that is the case, enter through the main doors upstairs if there is no one to let you in, and avoid letting in non-members of CABOMA.
  • Leave furniture as you found it before the jam.  AUUC management is reasonably flexible about CABOMA members making adjustments to accommodate jamming, but please put the rooms back as they were beforehand.
  • Avoid scratching furniture with instrument cases or leaving them in ways that block the entries or exits.
  • Clean up any spills or messes that you cause.
  • Notify a board member or AUUC representative immediately of any security breaches, fire hazards, or inappropriate behaviors—or any other threats to the facility or the people within.

Thanks to all in advance for your cooperation.  May we all find a long and productive stay in our new home.