That headline is the refrain you’ll hear from us often this holiday season and as we approach the end of our time at Lyon Park Community Center.

We lost our lease
As many of you have heard, we lost our lease at Lyon Park. We understand. While we have to pay the rent, they have to pay the mortgage and they had to raise the rent in order for them to have the funding they need. You know, stuff rolls downhill… So we are searching for a new home after about 40 years. We are sorry to go, change is hard; and there are so many fond memories forged in that community center and park. But we are grateful to Lyon Park for providing us with that space for so long and wish them luck and success.

Embracing the change
As mentioned before change is hard. Often it comes about because it is forced on us, but it may lead to better things we haven’t considered. We never had to think about ever leaving permanently. So what we are doing now is looking for a new location that will allow us to meet twice a month for about the same amount of rent we currently pay. We have some irons in the fire; but nothing definite yet. We’ll keep you posted.

It’s not all about the money, it’s about playing music; but we need the money
We’ve never been very pushy about getting money in our coffers and people usually cough up the dues. However since we are making the move, we will need to ensure we have the money to finance this activity and ensure we have a little set aside for expenses related to the operation of our group. We want to continue to bring bluegrass and old time music to the DMV by actually playing it and allowing people in the community to participate with us by either bringing an instrument and playing along, or by simply listening and enjoying the songs. So we will be asking for money, and may be a little pushier about it. But only because we believe in our purpose for existence.

Let’s celebrate and donate
We will be at Lyon Park till the end of the year and we will have our annual Holiday Party on December 9. We hope you will join us—especially this year since it will be our last holiday celebration at this location. We will have the pot luck, the great music, the swap-N-shop, fun people, good food, and hopefully you. We’ll also have the membership table where you have the opportunity to become a member, renew your membership, and/or have an opportunity to contribute to support our mission and to keep our group alive and kicking. As mentioned earlier, stuff does roll downhill, and we are rolling some of that burden to members and people who find that keeping bluegrass and old time music alive for the surrounding community important. But we’ll try to have fun asking for the money and keep in mind it is for a good cause! Anytime you feel moved to donate or if you want to become a member, you can send money to CABOMA:

Correction: It was stated in this article that “your donation and membership is tax deductible.” Your donation is NOT tax deductible, We are classified as a non-profit and operate to bring cultural and educational value to the surrounding community, but we are not legally set up to allow donators to put that on their taxes as deductions. We apologize for that misstatement.

With that said, If you make a donation of $40, we will make you a member of our group. We accept any amount of money; and your donation will be going towards enriching our community and teaching people about bluegrass and old time music.

Make checks payable to CABOMA. and send it along with the Membership Form (pdf)  to:
CABOMA c/o Frank Cassell
PO Box 303
Kensington, MD 20895